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Funny Christmas Poems | Short Christmas Poems | Famous Christmas Poems for Friends, Family & Kids

Are you looking the Christmas poems with huge funny and humorous here is the best place of Funny Christmas Poems ? Christmas is a good way to bring back the memories of the old Christmas with family and friends. Many people are searching for Short Christmas Poems and wordings. Christmas is the greatest time, people spend that time with friends and send a Famous Christmas Poems for Friends. In this wonderful occasion, everyone spends their valuable time with their family and kids. So, now, I am sharing some of the Famous Christmas Poems for Family & Kids. I hope you enjoy it.

Funny Christmas Poems


Funny Christmas Poems

Enjoy the spirit of Christmas with Funny Christmas Poems.

My Snowman
Snow, snow, plenty of snow
I thought of something to put on show,
Make a massive snowman and put carrot as its nose,
Sadly, I’m too quick to do so.
Christmas Cheer!
Christmas is my choice,
Filling my desk with gifts,
Christmas celebration there and here,
Bringing so much Christmas cheer.

But men, just take it smoothly.
Eat treats and drink beer somewhat.
For a while, Christmas is over,
You won’t have an enormous belly!

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Short Christmas Poems

Christmas poems are funny wordings. Here is a Short Christmas Poems.
Christmas Figure
Most people like to consume,
That’s every body’s weak point
Specifically on vacations,
There are quite a few goodies,

But after excursion,
We face this figure hassle
Had bulky aspects and huge belly
So the primary goal now is to be sexy!


Christmas Gifts
This Christmas,
I won’t ask a whole lot,
Whether it is far items or cash
All may be widely wide-spread in a dash.


In which are you, Santa?
Santa, Santa, in which are you?
This Christmas I’ve been seeking out you.
I’m going to desire something as I’ve been good.
Besides this Christmas Eve, I’ve eaten lots of food!

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Famous Christmas Poems for Friends

There are so many Christmas poems are there. But, we give you Famous Christmas Poems for Friends.

12 Items of Christmas
Rather than singing the twelve days of Christmas,
I can ask for twelve presents of Christmas
Laptop, smartphone, iPad, clothes, ring and jewelry box
Add some items basket, new gadgets and cash.

Just kidding, my buddy, don’t worry.
My Christmas wish list is something simple, but nevertheless twelve.
Happiness in life, love, peace, prosperity, success and good health.
Sexy figure, handsome boyfriend, career, some cash, yummy treats, and wealth.

Simple, isn’t it?

Merry Christmas!


Animal Christmas Party
Everyone is happy, ready for the party,
Get dressed up in animals; some are Santa with massive belly
I’m a donkey; you’re a monkey
Then permit’s visit the Christmas party!


My Christmas Present for You
I don’t have tons for you this Christmas
Except for this card full of care and love
The items will delayed, though.
Count on them to are available entire year round.
Merry Christmas!

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Famous Christmas Poems for Family & Kids

If you want more funny and humorous poems for family and kids, this is the right place to see Famous Christmas Poems for Family & Kids.



Come, Santa
Once upon a time,
I made a desire while grasping a dime,
I hope Santa come here on Christmas
Put something special on my socks.

So each night,
I am careful for Santa,
Looking forward to a great guy
With huge belly to reveal up.

Then one night time, my wish come true.
I saw someone great near on my socks,
Putting something there,
I was stunned it was my DAD!


Presents on Christmas
Christmas is right here!
Let’s celebrate with cheer,
I will because I’m satisfied,
I’ll get the items that make me merry.

Oh my buddies, be my Santa,
Similar to my Mama and Papa.
Gifts and cash are so much welcome,
That would without a doubt convey me so much fun.
Is Christmas Fun?
How Christmas is a time for fun,
While all you save for the year are gone
Shopping for gifts and be stuck in the buying craze
Lengthy traces inside the cashier lane never fail me to be amazed.

For plenty of people, Christmas is their preferred
Getting the things they wish for as Christmas present,
But for me, it’s now not just because of that.

Christmas is time for sharing the love, and you need to remember that.

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If you want to enjoy this Christmas with more funny and humorous we share our Funny Christmas Poems to you. Share these funny poems with your friends, family & kids. We hope you love this article. If you love it, please share it. For more details stay tuned our home page of

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